Oct 18 09 10:52 AM

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Greetings Masters
Greetings Mistresses
Greetings kajira! (blows a kiss)

this girl is called tawny by my Master Sinbin Masatada, and I serve my Master as a broadcaster for a Gorean Portal Radio Show, a Internet Radio Station ( http://gpr.b2netsolutions.com:8000/ click on listen at top), every week, called "the kajira blackbird" show, WHips and chains from a slave belly~ I am looking and searching desperately for true goreans, that practive the Gorean Philosophy and apply the natural order of things in thier everyday lives. I would be honored if you listened to my show and sent me suggestions, feed back and comments of Gorean nature, as well as ideas for topics and music you would like to hear in the Gorean community.

I am learning of my slave belly, and approach everything from that perspective, and as I grow in my gorean mind, I seek others who learn as well, and Master's will ing to share thier thoughts, Mistresses perspectives and other kajira who wish to tell thier stories. The music I play is a little hard, with a edge and the radio show is for Adults only, as it can be sexual in nature.

I would be honored, if you could Please send me any thoughts or feedback you might have to : tawny_Braveheart@yahoo.com

To listen to the show, go to Goreans Portal Radio http://gpr.b2netsolutions.com:8000/ , click "Listen" in blue at top of screen, will open up radio stream in WIn Amp player.
You can also reach me at tawny_Braveheart for yahoo messenger or Second Life

My show is EVERY Thursday, 9-11 pm PST http://gpr.b2netsolutions.com:8000/

I am also hosting upcoming shows this week for my Master, :The Sounds of Sin" who is doing a series on "Internet Relationships, Master & Slave" Mon & Tues Nights, 7-9 pm PST

I await kneeling for any and all thoughts and comments~
well wishes